July 2017

Vallarta Botantical Garden - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Nick DeLorenzo has offered pro bono master planning and landscape design services for the Vallarta Botanical Garden. Some of the projects Mr. DeLorenzo has worked on for the Vallarta Botanical Garden are the Chapel, the International Peace Garden of Mexico, and the Cactus and Succulent Plant House.

The Vallarta Botanical Garden's new Chapel, named "Our Lady of the Garden," was opened to the public in March 2016. The Chapel promotes peace, rejuvenation, inspiration and harmony within all cultures and faiths, while being nestled in a natural paradise. Read more about the news here.


In February 2017, the Vallarta Botanical Garden announced the opening of the Cheryl L. Wheeler International Peace Garden of Mexico at the Vallarta Botanical Garden. Read more about the news here.


Currently, the Vallarta Botanical Garden is working on showcasing Mexico's rich cactus, agave and succulent diversity by introducing the Cactus and Succulent House. This project will enable the Vallarta Botanical Garden to have full control over the amount of water the plants receive. Read more about the news here.


The Chapel and International Peace Garden of Mexico projects have been the most successful capital projects of their respective years, according to the Vallarta Botanical Garden.

Casa Karma - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Casa Karma Boutique Resort is a new luxurious beachfront hotel located in Puerto Vallarta. Nick DeLorenzo has worked on projects with the resort, such as lawn conversion and creating an outdoor kitchen on the middle level of the ocean view event terrace. The outdoor kitchen includes a BBQ grill, pizza oven, refrigerator and sound system.